Captivating Moments: Music, Dance, and the American Landscape

About This Exhibit and Fundraiser

Of the many things I enjoy photographing, two realms compel me to capture them: the natural world and the world of music and dance. These two elements seem comfortable side-by-side. People draw inspiration from the landscape, and somehow music flows through them like wind through the trees.

The nature photos in this exhibit span America, from the Rocky Mountains and canyon lands of the West, to the deep forests and seascapes of the east. The landscapes are both grand and intimate. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the majesty that surrounds us, and other times we are lost in the exquisite beauty at our feet.

Similarly, music takes us someplace else. Though not a musician myself, I’ve always felt it’s profound effect, and marveled at those who could fuse themselves with their instrument and channel music. As I see music performed in cafes and concert halls, at outdoor venues and on street corners, I am convinced that there are incredibly talented musicians everywhere. They are our family members and neighbors, the person behind us in the checkout line and the person at the cash register. We rarely know what talent lives around us.

Those in the audience can likewise be inspired by music, lifted out of themselves to a place of delight or ecstasy. They experience the beauty and awe of art coming through the performer and reaching into them. And what’s their most common reaction? Tapping their feet. Clapping their hands. Dancing!

I aim to capture that critical moment when the musician or audience reached that place. Look into the faces of the performers and, where present, the audience, and you can see the connection to that purity.

This exhibit is also about the rebirth of a beloved cultural landmark, the Cabot Theater. It brings us interesting films and a stage for new and established artists. All of us are richer for it. But it needs us to survive. One way I am helping is by donating 20% of the profits from this exhibit and from my website during the month of July. The funds will be donated to the nonprofit organization that’s renovating the Cabot. Simply order photos from my website,, or contact me for prints that require a special order. To learn more about the Cabot Theater, click here:

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

Thom Adorney